Review of an Outstanding Mountain Bike Shoes

mountain bike shoes

There is actually no denying the fact that sometimes it takes much more time to follow the reviews. Just because of this only reason, whenever it’s time to follow the reviews, most of the people avoid it pretty tactfully. But at the same time, it is also true that without following the reviews, it’s really not possible to determine the quality of an item. This article was mainly written for those who are looking for the best mountain bike shoe. I researched, created a short-list and finally came up with one of the most popular mountain bike shoes which is known as “Sonic S.R.S. Shoe – Men’s Black/White, 45.0 – Excellent”. In this article, I will mainly provide its review which consists of some of the most exclusive features of this shoe and it’s pros & cons. So if you are willing to know more in details about the above mentioned item, I will request you to take a look at below.

• Features:

1. Price:

You will be glad to hear that the price of this mountain bike shoe is quite affordable. The actual cost of this shoe is US $91.24 which is quite okay I think. In general, the price of mountain bike shoes are quite expensive than the price of other different types of shoes. So don’t get startled by the price I mentioned for this item. Well, the price I mentioned for this item is actually the price of Gear Trade. Though I am really not sure about the price of the same thing in other online stores, but you won’t find a huge difference between its prices.

In this part, I would like to provide you something special. Do you know how to purchase online? If yes, then simply overlook this point and start reading the next feature. If not, then try reading this part properly. Since Gear Trade is an online store, you will never be able to make payment in cash. Therefore, the thing you have to do is manage a visa or master card. If you have your own visa or master card, then there will be no problem. If not, try to manage it from others. Without a valid visa or master card, it’s really not possible to purchase anything from Gear Trade. Make sure you input the details of your visa and master card correctly. Otherwise, they will again ask you to enter the details of your card which will be the wastage of your time.

2. Brand & Model:

“Northwave” is considered as the brand for this mountain bike shoe where “Sonic S.R.S Shoe” is considered as the model. The brand “Northwave” should be considered whenever you are going to purchase mountain bike shoes. A brand can have different types of models. So I am not suggesting you to purchase the same model I mentioned in the above, but if you are getting confused with lots of models, then you can consider this item to avoid yourself from being misguided.

3. Size:

The size of this mountain bike shoe is 45.00;

4. Gender:

This mountain bike shoe is mainly designed for male.

5. Recommended Use:


6. Claimed Weight:

283 KG.


1. Comfortable.
2. Fits nicely.
3. Durable.
4. Affordable.
5. Size is okay.
6. Two colors are available.
7. No defects found.


1. So far this item has no cons.

Just because of the above mentioned pros and features, this mountain bike shoe is still now famous over the entire universe.

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