Review of Hand Held Shower Filter System with Colorful LED

In this article, I will mainly introduce my readers with one of the most popular hand held shower attachment known as APRIL SHOWER BOREALIS THERMALRAIN HAND HELD SHOWER FILTER SYSTEM. At present, this shower filter is extremely popular all over the world just because of having some exciting features. Please take a look at this review article to know more in details about this hand held shower attachment.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Features of this Hand Held Shower Filter

Removes Chlorine:

Hand held shower filter system with LEDDo you know the most important and vital thing about this hand held shower head? Well, this hand held shower head has the ability of removing chlorine from the water instantly. Isn’t it a great advantage of this shower filter? Yes, obviously. I am really not so sure whether you know it or not but chlorine is really very harmful for our health and sometimes water can be full of chlorine. So if you use that type of water for taking shower, then naturally you will be attacked by different diseases. For this reason, when it’s time to choose a hand held shower head or hand held shower attachment, it’s your noble duty to make sure that your chosen hand held shower attachment has the ability to remove chlorine fully from the water. This is really very important. You will also be glad to learn that besides removing chlorine, this hand held shower filter clearly reduces some other things like rust water, sulfur smells and odors. Rust water is commonly known as iron oxide and it is also harmful to our health. It also reduces scale build up on tiles as well as glass. Overall, just because of these reasons, this hand held shower attachment is quite popular all over the world.

Patented High-Performance Cooper Zinc:

Besides having the ability to remove chlorine, sulfur smells and odors from the water, this great hand held shower attachment also features patented high-performance copper, zinc and calcium filtration media which makes this shower filter a lot more popular over the whole world. No doubt about that. To be honest, people nowadays are badly in search of such type of hand held shower attachment which consists of this thing. Whenever you are going to purchase a hand held shower head, try to take a look at the reviews or features at first and find whether this feature is available or not. If you find this feature available in any hand held shower head, then don’t think twice before buying. If you don’t find, then try following the features of some other reviews. Hope you got my point.

Perfect for Bathing Children:

This hand held shower attachment is completely perfect for seated shower or bathing children. Though it’s a matter of sorrow but the truth is nowadays it’s really very difficult to find such a hand held shower head that is quite perfect for bathing children. Most of them will fail to provide you with the right features. But a few of them are still okay and it’s totally your duty to find them out.


  1. Removes chlorine totally from the water.
  2. Hand Held shower head attachment with LEDReduces sulfur smells.
  3. Reduces rust water which is commonly known as iron oxide.
  4. Reduces odors from the water.
  5. Reduces scale build-up on tiles as well as glass.
  6. pH balances as well as reduces hardness.
  7. The cartridge which is provided with this hand held shower head is both replaceable and reversible.
  8. Most importantly, this cartridge is quite durable. It lasts for six months.
  9. There is absolutely no issue with the adjustment of this shower head. This hand held shower attachment adjusts to different heights and angles.
  10. It’s totally ideal for seated shower.
  11. It’s also quite perfect for bathing the child.
  12. Beautiful polished chrome finish.
  13. Around fifteen energy – saving heat – sensitive LEDs.
  14. Enhances headroom by ten inches.
  15. Built in eco-friendly power turbine.
  16. For this hand held shower attachment, you will find three different colors for three different situations. The colors are green, blue and red.
  17. A green light indicates when the water is blue.
  18. A blue light indicates when the water is warm.
  19. A red light indicates when the water is totally hot.
  20. If the temperature of the water is more than 45-degree celsius, then you will discover a scale – protection alert and the red light will start flashing.


  1. A bit pricey for the quality you are getting.

If you still have doubt about the quality of this hand held shower attachment, then I will suggest you do some more research on the web regarding this shower head and I am quite sure that today or tomorrow you will make a new plan to buy this shower head.

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